Stay at Home Tea - February 22, 2009

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Stay at Home Tea






What is a Stay at Home Tea?
It's a small luxury that the majority of the world will never know. The ability to enjoy a quiet cup of tea and reflect on the blessings in your life.

On February 22, 2009 we are encouraging you to take some time to think about your blessings, reflect on the great need in our world, and consider how YOU can be the difference.

Take a look at the photos below on this page and consider how you can help.

How can YOU be the difference?
YOU can make a difference. Global Projects in need of assistance in every area. 

Perhaps you have a talent, or the ability to volunteer your time. WE NEED YOU.

Perhaps your days are already busy but you can financially make a difference. WE NEED YOU.

After you have enjoyed your tea on February 22, 2009 consider going to the following pages to:

Volunteer or Make a Donation!

Every little bit helps to make a world of difference!

Consider the Need